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Having worked with a galaxy of stars from Ronnie Barker to James Burke - Rick Stein to John Pilger - Spike Milligan to Monty Python and mixed many classic comedy shows including: The Two Ronnies, The Goodies, Only Fools and Horses, Spike Milligan's Q9, Open All Hours and To The Manor Born as well as loads of major TV dramas, animations, documentaries, and having picked up BAFTA and RTS awards on the way - Paul decided to write a book. It made him laugh and enjoy the adventure - so take a look into a very silly mind and enjoy reading it too.

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The Trouble With Magic

Recent reviews:
The Bognor Gazette: “Never heard of it”
The California Daily Herald: “Nearly worth one star”
The New Orc Times – Literary Review: “Lots of small words and some big ones”
Independent Observer: “You've got the wrong number”

More Genuine Reviews

What a fantastic read. Quite unlike anything I've read before but all the better for that. Had me laughing out loud in places and finished the book wanting more......

I re-entered a world that I had somehow forgotten over the years, where a perverse logic ruled as the author led me blindly onwards laughing all the way.......

This just did not work for me. If it matches your sense of amusement then great. Unfortunately I just found it was trying too hard. Lost interest and gave up. You may enjoy however!

A melding of Pratchett and Douglas Adams with well written, if somewhat bizarre, scenarios......

This ebook is a light-hearted, amusing adventure. I was tickled by the eclectic mix of characters and their extraodinary dialogue, which strangely was so understandable!

It made me laugh out loud. Start reading it and stay with it, it gets dafter and funnier as it goes on. Bit like Terry Pratchett meets Tolkien

What can I say? It's a crazy story; it left me baffled many times. I'm so confused. Eccentric story! Just because it was so strange, it left me laughing. You'll have to read it for yourself to figure out why I gave it five stars. Maybe even then you won't figure out why I gave it five stars.
I can't figure it out myself........